How Do You Shop for Bridal Collection During COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Brides all around the world are planning their weddings and are aware of the new normal. With bridal boutiques throughout Dallas and in the United States starting to open up, the question remains – how do you shop for the bridal collection during COVID-19 pandemic?

After all, planning a wedding during this pandemic can be stressful; so finding your dream bridal wear should be the last thing you stress about. If you’re a bride that prefers to see the gown and all of its details in person, find a store that is offering in-store appointments currently. Some states allow stores to open up slowly and enforce strictly new health regulations to ensure safety.

If you are a bride that prefers to see the gown and all its details in person then finding a store that is currently offering in-store appointments is a must for you. With some states allowing stores to slowly open up, new health regulations are also being strictly enforced to ensure safety. Here are a few things you should consider while doing in-store appointments:

You should do your research.

Most boutiques don’t allow brides and their entourage to look through bridal collection. It’s recommended that you should do thorough research and save favorites that you love. It can benefit you if you are unsure about what you’re looking for.

Searching through a handful collection of bridal outfits at once can be overwhelming. So you just relax and enjoy and let your Dallas based fashion designer find your perfect match.

You should schedule appointments beforehand.

Most fashion boutiques have limited appointment for their staff and guests. Instead of allowing a large amount, they are now permitting the bride to bring two guests with them during the appointment.

However, it’s really important to have all your loved ones there with you when picking your dream outfit for your wedding. Remember that, the number of guests will vary around Dallas with your local retailer first.


 You should wear masks and take all safety precautions.

Wearing a mask may not look cute along with your bridal wear. But for safety purpose, you should wear one when you’re with a consultant. Some fashion hubs may require that the bride and their guests wear a face covering. You should be prepared better to check out social media networks or websites for important updates so that you will be ready to check out your dream bridal collection.

You should prefer appointments over walk-ins.

If you want to ensure that everything is kept in proper order, you shouldn’t worry about. Most reliable fashion designers keep their doors open only to schedule an appointment. It’s highly suggested to prefer appointments over walk-ins.

Bottom line –

When shopping for your bridal collection, you should look no further than Silk Threads. Celebrate your love and special moments that come along with it in your own personal way and let the rest unfold. Contact our fashion designer in Dallas – Ruby Bhandari to see how you can make your wedding attire appointment today.

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